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Grad students are busy people. Many of them are working as teaching assistants or have other part-time jobs. Some are even working full-time and in school part-time. There comes a point, however, when they must face that huge project that will determine if they actually get their degree or not – that thesis. And very often students ask themselves: "can someone do my thesis?". And Yes, we can write it for you!

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Make Me a Thesis– Nothing Like It

You’ve produced plenty of research papers in your schooling career – more than you even want to remember. But know this – nothing is like writing that thesis. You will spend at least a semester on it, and you will be jumping through lots of hoops as you follow the requirements of your department and your advisor.

Here is just a short summary of what you are in for:

  1. Getting a Topic: The most important thing is that you choose a topic that really interests you. Nothing is worse than researching and writing on a topic of little interest – it will just be painful. So, find a topic area you really like and then narrow it down to something specific. Do some initial research in the topic area until you find that something specific that really piques your interest.
  2. Develop a Hypothesis: All theses begin with a research question. And once you have that questions, you must develop a hypothesis which you intend to prove through your own research. This becomes your thesis statement. Lots of students get hung up here, and many come to Wowgrade.net and say, “Write my thesis statement for me, please!” They get a personal Ph.D. consultant with lots of experience who will take that topic and craft the perfect hypothesis.
  3. Approval of Advisor: Without a great hypothesis and a plan, no advisor will approve at thesis. You will first seek approval from your advisor for your topic and hypothesis. Then you will start on the proposal, which is your plan.
  4. The Proposal: Your proposal will have to include several things.
  • A clear statement of your hypothesis
  • A statement justifying why this topic of research is important to your field
  • A short review of the literature you have read so far
  • The design of the research you intend to conduct along with any instruments you intend to use
  • A timeline for completing each section/chapter

And this is just the beginning. You are then faced with producing each section.

  1. The Introduction: this is self-explanatory and will be a relatively short chapter in which you introduce your topic, your hypothesis, and the importance of the research you have done to your field.
  2. The Literature Review: this is like a big research paper. You will summarize all of the previous research in this topic area. When students come to Wowgrade.net and say, "I want to pay someone to write my essay" or “Can someone write my thesis for me,” it is usually at this point. This section/chapter is pretty much drudgery, and writing it up in an organized way is tough.
  3. The Methodology: Here you will explain your design, the instruments, and the details of your study. You will present the data that you gathered, in prose and in visual form (charts, graphs, tables, etc.).
  4. The Results: Now it’s time to statistically analyze the data and prove its significance. This is also a rough chapter, and students often call upon our research experts for help.
  5. Discussion/Conclusion: Here you will speak to your hypothesis, how you proved it, and what significance it has. You will also address constraints and nuisance factors, indicating what future research might add to and/or enhance what you have done.
Implementation and monitoring of sustainable economic development policies in Romania within the EU and Brexit
Number of pages: 10
Urgency: 14 days
Subject Area: Business
Style: APA
Number of sources: 15

Romania is a member state of EU. The Romanians view the Brexit as both an opportunity and a crisis. For example, Brexit has low influence on the Romanian economy because it confers small threat to the national currency and the political parties in Romania favor European Union despite the Britain’s exit.

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What Wowgrade.net Thesis and Dissertation Writing Service Can Do for You


A lot of writing services do not offer thesis and dissertation research and writing because they do not have the Ph.D.’s to get the job done. Other fraudulent services happily take your money and promise ad original thesis and dissertation, completed and back to you within days. If they do your thesis or dissertation, rest assured it will be an existing one that they attempted to spin. And, it will never meet the agreement that you have with your advisor about what you are going to do.

Here is what you get from Wowgrade.net

  1. You get a Ph.D. in your research field who will act as a consultant. Yes, s/he can do research for you; yes, your proposal and research design can be crafted; and the data you collect from your research can be presented and analyzed. And your consultant can fashion your introduction and conclusion too.
  2. You will get a little or as much help as your need.
  3. Your thesis or dissertation will be completed progressively, with your approval requested at each stage. And it will take some time, just as all theses and dissertations do. But your deadlines for submitting each section or chapter to your advisor will be met.

This is how a reputable thesis and dissertation service operates.

You Guarantees and Benefits

When you order a thesis, dissertation or any type of writing for that matter, you will enjoy all of the following:

  • Guarantee – no plagiarism. We check everything before delivery
  • Guarantee – as many revisions as you want till your order is perfect
  • Guarantee – complete confidentiality – all customer information is secured by the latest technology – we don’t share customer information.
  • Guarantee – we will meet your deadlines or you will get a refund
  • Benefit – Free title, bibliography, and table of contents pages
  • Benefit – Free formatting
  • Benefit – Plagiarism report
  • Benefit – The best writers in the industry

Pricing and Discounts

We always offer discounts for large orders – like theses and dissertations. There are many other discounts and special pricing offers, so that we can reward new and loyal customers.

Pricing is based upon the nature of the writing, the length, the research requirements, and the customer’s academic level. When students come to us for help on major projects, such as theses and dissertations, we set up arrangements for them to pay progressively, as sections and/or chapters are ordered.

When You Want the Best From "Do My Thesis for Me" Service

A thesis is too important to trust to amateurs. Contact the support department at Wowgrade.net, let’s discuss your project, and experience what true professionals can do for you.

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