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Coursework Writing Service from WOW Grade


How do we define coursework? It’s any writing assignment a student may get to complete and turn in for a grade. And if you are looking for a coursework writing service to do it all, then you have found the right place. We have the professional staff of researchers, writers, and other scholars to cover any coursework, on any topic, bar none. Let’s look at all of the types of work you may be assigned and how we are able to offer you solutions when you are struggling or just overwhelmed.

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Essays and Papers

These are the most common types of all writing assignments you can pay someone to do. And they appear in almost every course you take. Some are just basic short essays; others are research papers involving far more complex topics and lots of time to put together.

Our writing service has coursework researchers/writers with Bachelor’s through Ph.D. degrees who together have every field of study covered. Students can order essays and papers on any topic – literature, science, the arts, law, medicine, psychology and other social sciences, business, accounting, engineering, architecture, computer science, and more.

All you have to do is place an order for your essay or paper – high school through graduate programs – and receive a personally assigned writer who has the education and academic writing background to produce a stunning piece for you.

Failure to Act
Number of pages: 3
Urgency: 5 days
Subject Area: Law
Style: APA
Number of sources: 2

Criminal law outlines that a defendant is considered guilty whenever they fail to act and the duty to act is bestowed unto them (Hartley, 2014). The duties one has towards other people include duty to act as required by the law prevailing at that time commonly referred to as statutory duties. Thus, failure to comply with these statutory duties means an individual could plead guilty in a criminal prosecution. Moral duties are also in the category where a person is to comply to not only to the law but should be guided by moral values towards other people.

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Book and Movie Reviews


These assignments are often more common than students expect. Book reviews might be assigned in courses other than literature, and at the college level, involve far more than just a summary of the work. There will be critical analysis questions. If you don’t have time to read the book, we are able to find a scholar on our team who has and who can craft and exceptional piece for you.

The same goes for movie reviews. Just let us know the details of the assignment, and consider it done.


Our professional writing service does not just mean courseworks and other written assignments. Students are often required to prepare oral presentations and are anxious about them.

Never fear as long as WOW grade is here. Our coursework writing service is able to assign a qualified speech writer to your task and even prepare PowerPoints to go along with it. You’ll have a presentation that to engage your listeners and get you a great grade.

Lab Reports

Now here is a challenging assignment. These are based upon actual experimentation natural and physical science majors do. They involve background research, a hypothesis, a scholarly research design, and statistical analysis. If you are struggling with a lab report, get online help from a Ph.D. in your research field who can give you as little or as much help as you need. We have academic experts in every scientific field.

Case Studies

Our custom coursework writing service has provided a lot of help to students who have to produce case studies. Usually, these are assigned in the social science, but students of business often ask for our help with these too.

These assignments involve choosing a topic for a unique type of research – the selection of an individual, a small group of individuals, or a circumstance. It involves background research, questions to be answered, and then the close observation of the subject(s) related to those questions. The final writeup does not involve statistical analysis, but, instead, a summary report of those questions and opinions regarding them.

Our writing service is able to help you with your coursework topic selection, the choice of subject(s), and the design of your project. You do the data collection, and then your personally assigned helper assists with the final writeup.

Theses and Dissertations

This is the biggest coursework writing project a student may have. They involve identifying a topic area for research, narrowing it down to a research question, and then following a sequential process of producing the capstone project – from proposal, to literature review, to research design and methodology, to data gathering, statistical analysis, and conclusions.

Writing a coursework can take anywhere from a semester to 18 months. Students in the midst of these experience every emotion – excitement, motivation, anxiety, and even despair. If they come to the best coursework writing service, they can order up whatever type of coursework research or paper writing they need.

We assign a PH.D. in your research field with plenty of experience helping others get through these coursework writing projects successfully. Get in touch with our customer service department and let us know what kind of a coursework you need.

STEM Coursework

This type of assignment besides writing usually involves projects or tough homework assignments – calculation problems, math modeling, problem-solving, experimentation, and research projects.

Fortunately, WOW grade has a number of math and science Ph.D.’s who can give students the coursework they need. Not only students get solutions, they receive full explanations of how those solutions were reached, along with any background research or analysis that may be necessary.


There are many other types of writing assignments you may receive that are not listed here. If you need someone to do your coursework of any other type, all you have to do is contact our service and explain your assignment. We can find the perfect academic to help you, no matter what it is.

Cheap Coursework Writing Service for Your Needs

The term “cheap” has many meanings. It can mean low cost, but it can also mean affordable. At WOW grade, we prefer to say we are “affordable.” It means we provide top quality writing service at the lowest prices possible. When you place an order, you will know the pricing up front. We encourage you to compare our pricing with that of other services offering the same quality and guarantees we do.

Our Guarantees

All of our service`s customers enjoy the same benefits and guarantees:

  1. You always get a qualified scholar to complete your coursework.

  2. You enjoy complete privacy – no one will ever know you have used our writing service, and no one can have any of your personal information – it’s encrypted and protected with tough firewalls.

  3. You receive plagiarism-free products from the service to the minute.

  4. You will have your assigned academic for as long as you need him/her. You communicate with the person, and you may ask for revisions until you are completely happy with the final product our service provided.

  5. You are in control of the process; you place the order and provide the specifications; you approve of everything along the way, or it is re-done until you do approve.

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