Wowgrade.net has developed a number of policies that outline the customer rights and responsibilities. We also want our customers to understand the “rules” that relate to their use of our site, our products, and our services.

We urge you to read through this because you are bound by these provisions once you make the choice to use our service.

Use of Products You Receive

When you approve and take delivery of a product from Wowgrade.net, it belongs to you. We wipe it from our system. You understand, however, that the product is only for your personal use. You may not sell, transfer, or otherwise distribute that product. You may use that product for research and study purposes. If you choose to use it for any other purpose, you alone bear any consequences. Wowgrade.net has no liability.

Providing Accurate Personal Information

There may be times when we need to get in touch with you quickly. For this reason, we must have accurate and current personal information – your name, you email address and a working phone number. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have this information. If delivery is delayed because we do not have accurate information, we are not liable.

Order Cancellation

It happens. You may need to cancel an order you have placed. Here are the policies that govern this event:

  1. If we have not yet assigned a writer, you will receive a full refund

  2. If we have already assigned a writer, and work has begun, you will receive a partial refund based upon the amount of work the writer has completed. The writer must be paid for what s/he has done so far.

  3. Customers have the option to take the refund or to apply it to a future order.

Choice of Research Resources

You have an option during the ordering process to name specific resources that must be used. You can upload those resources for your writer.

If you do not name specific resources, your writer will select the most relevant and current ones that are suitable for your academic level.

If you require resources for which a fee must be paid, you will be required to pay that fee. We cannot order those resources and begin your project until you have made this payment. If there is a delay in production because of your delay in payment, Wowgrade.net is not responsible.

Accuracy of Order Form

We want as much detail as you can give us, so we can assign the best writer. You are responsible for the accuracy of your order form, so check it carefully before you submit it.

We will send an order confirmation back to you. Check it again.

If you have made mistakes on the order form and discover them only after we have assigned a writer and work has begun, correcting this will involve additional cost and completion delays. We are not responsible for these issues.

It will also be important that you check your account page regularly. Your writer may have questions, and you will need to respond quickly. If you do not respond in a timely manner, we are not responsible for delays.


Every piece of writing is checked for plagiarism before it leaves our doors and is delivered to a customer. At this time, there has never been an issue of plagiarism. If you believe that any part of your product has been plagiarized, you will need to submit the results of a scan that prove that. In such an event, we will correct it immediately.

Technical Issues

There may be rare events that involve technical issues that are beyond our control. These may be power outages, browser interruptions, etc. We are not responsible if delays should occur due to these types of issues.

Making Payment

Payment should be made at the time of order submission. We cannot assign a writer and move forward with your order until payment is made.

Payment processes are handled by an independent, secure payment processor – the same processor that many large online retailers use.

Occasionally a bank will request proof of identity. In this event, we will contact you immediately and ask for the credentials your bank requires. It is your responsibility to get those to us quickly, so that your identity can be confirmed and we can proceed with your order. If you delay in your response to this request, your order will be delayed, and we are not responsible for this delay.

Emergencies that Delay Delivery

On rare occasions, delays are our fault. A writer may have an illness or other emergency. If this should happen, we take responsibility and will issue partial refund based upon the amount of delay.

Reviewing Your Final Draft

You will be notified when your final draft is ready to be reviewed. It is your responsibility to access your account and review the piece. You may either approve it or ask for revisions. If you delay in this review and then must ask for revisions, we are not responsible if your deadline is not met.

Customer Support

This department is open 24 hour for your convenience. If you have issues or questions, you should contact this department.

Our Legal Jurisdiction

We conform to the laws in the geographic location of our corporate headquarters. While we know of no laws in any other jurisdiction that would restrict any customer use of our services, it is the customer’s responsibility to be informed of any local laws.

Confidentiality Guarantee

We provide the latest security measures to protect all customer information, and we are proud that we have never had any breach of our system. We also have a Privacy Policy that details all of the measures we take. It is your responsibility to review our privacy Policy and to contact customer support if you have any questions.


There is a Revision Policy published on our site. Please review this policy because you are bound by it as soon as you make use of our services. There are deadlines and guidelines for your revisions requests.