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Dissertation Proposal Help


Once a research question has been constructed and approved, students are ready to produce a proposal – a piece that outlines exactly what they intend to do and how they intend to do it. Because this is such a critical piece of writing, students often look for dissertation proposal help from a professional writing service. And here is where Wow Grade comes in.

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The Elements of a Dissertation Proposal

Every academic department has its requirements for the dissertation outline and for each of them we offer assistance. These usually include what must be present and the structure to follow. In general, these elements include:

  1. A statement of the dissertation research question
  2. A short summary of the initial survey that was conducted in the development of the investigation question
  3. A justification of the importance of the survey search to the academic field
  4. A description of the research project design, including the type (qualitative or quantitative), the subjects/groups of the study, the data that is to be collected and how it is collected, and how the gathered data is analyzed, in order to reach conclusions
  5. A timeline for the dissertation completion

There are some variations on this, but generally all of these elements are included at some point in this assignment.

Lodi Logistics Inc. CEO Consultation
Number of pages: 15
Urgency: 14 days
Subject Area: Chemistry
Style: APA
Number of sources: 10

Lodi Logistics Incorporated issued a Request for Proposal for any firm to undertake a comprehensive review and evidenced-based analysis of the effects of employing young managers. The data from Lodi Logistics was examined and then bench marked against standard operations available in the database of the consulting firm.

Total price: $404.85 Read More Order Paper Like This

The Challenges of Research Proposal Writing


First and foremost, a dissertation is an academic and scholarly piece of writing and is perhaps the most important of student papers you have ever written to date. No wonder you might feel like getting some help as, unless and until you submit the paper and get it approved by an advisor and/or a committee, you cannot move forward on your project.

There is no room to cut corners here. Every element must be perfectly written and demonstrate your readiness to conduction of an important investigation and do so in a scholarly fashion.

It is common for students to look for dissertation proposal writing help, and you should not feel inadequate in any way if you do the same.

Getting Ph.D. Proposal Writing Help from WOW Grade

Here is what happens when you request dissertation proposal assistance from us.

  1. You begin by contacting us and starting a discussion of your project. We explain the process to you and make sure that we have a Ph.D. expert in your field to give you the quality aid.
  2. You complete an order form, supplying the details of your research field and the deadline by which you want to receive the piece.
  3. We assign your writer – a Ph.D. in your field who has the time and experience to complete your order.
  4. You and your assigned writer will take it from there, through direct communication as your custom project is crafted.
  5. You will receive drafts of each section of your order as they are completed. You will review them and give your approval or demand revisions.
  6. In the end, you get a paper that meets all of your department guidelines, that will be impeccably written, and that will “pass muster” with even the most critical committee member.

Important Benefits of Our Ph.D. Proposal Writing Service

We know that there are plenty of online services which offer Ph.D. writing assistance. We also know that a majority of them are sub-standard, often engaging in plagiarism and low-quality research. Many of them offer a complete dissertation, from start to finish, including what they purport to be “original” survey.

You know, of course, that this is not possible, because you must do your own investigation and gather the data from the investigation yourself.

We can help you with everything else, from the development of your question through your lit review, your research design and methodology, through presentation and analysis of your data, and the write-up of your results and conclusion.

We are not the cheapest online service, nor do we aim to be. We provide quality Ph.D. proposal writing service at the most reasonable cost possible. Our Ph.D. scholars are paid well because they have the background and the experience to produce top quality for our clients.

We also guarantee the following:

  • A personally assigned writer in your research field
  • Fully confidential help with identity protections
  • The right to request revisions and re-writes until the proposal is approved by your advisor and/or committee
  • The most reasonable cost possible for the quality you get

Contact our customer support department right now and let us analyze your specific need.

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