Refunds are very rare at Wowgrade.net. This is because there is communication between customers and their writers, and because customers have the right to requests revisions to a final draft until they are completely satisfied.

We have a Money-Back Policy for those rare instances when we do provide refunds. We urge you to review this policy, so that you understand the circumstances under which you may receive a refund.

Order Mistakes

We use the customer’s order instructions to assign writers; writers use those instructions to complete those orders. As soon as we receive an order, we send a confirmation email to the customer and ask that s/he review it carefully and confirm the details.

If a customer makes a mistake on an order, the final product may not be what s/he expects. In these situation, we cannot provide refunds, because the writer must be paid.

If a customer discovers an error after a writer has been assigned, it will be important to notify that writer and the support department immediately. The earlier we can make those changes, including assigning a different writer if necessary, the less it will cost the customer.

Order Cancellation

When customers must cancel an order, here is how refunds work:

  1. If we have not yet assigned a writer, a full refund will be given
  2. If an order has already been assigned to a writer at the time of cancellation, we will determine the amount of work that has already been completed and provide a partial refund based upon that.
  3. If an order is cancelled after completion, no refund shall be given.
  4. Any refund amount may be placed on account to offset the cost of a future order

Duplicate Orders

Should an order be submitted twice, our system usually catches it. However, if it does not, the customer should notify us immediately, send us the receipts for both orders, and a full refund will be issued for the duplicate.

Writer is Unavailable

We only assign writers who are qualified to complete customer orders. On very rare occasions, we may not have a qualified writer available. Rather than assign one who is unqualified, we will let the customer know immediately and issue a full refund. We will also issue a coupon for a liberal discount on a future order.

Also on rare occasions, a writer may not be available to complete revisions. In this case, we will assign another qualified writer to the task. If the customer is still not satisfied, we will provide a partial refund, based upon the amount of revision originally requested.

Missed Deadline

We are proud of our record of meeting deadlines. There are, however, rare events that cause a delay. If a writer becomes ill or has an emergency, there may be a delay. In these instances, we provide partial refunds based on the difference between the original cost and the cost of the new delivery date.

If technical difficulties beyond our control occur (power outages, Internet service disruptions, etc.), we do not issue refunds for delayed delivery.

If a customer has been tardy in responding to messages and questions from either our support department or the assigned writer, and that tardiness cause a delay, we will not issue any refund.

Change in Deadline Date

Sometimes, a customer may need to move up a deadline. When this happens, we will work as hard as possible to meet the urgency. However, we cannot guarantee the earlier delivery and will not provide a refund if the deadline is missed. If we are able to meet the new deadline, the order price may change. Customer will need to make payment for that additional charge before we can deliver the order.

It is important that customers place their orders as far in advance as possible, so that these last-minute issues do not delay a delivery. The other benefit is that the longer we have to compete an order, the less it costs the customer.

Failing Grade

We do not guarantee any grade on any piece of work. However, as far as we know, there has never been an instance of a student receiving a failing grade on any piece that we have produced.

If ever a customer should receive a failing grade, s/he must send us proof of that, via screenshot or scanned of the piece and the grade. In this instance, we would provide a liberal credit toward a future order.

Likewise, plagiarism has never been an issue, because we scan for this prior to delivery. If a customer would ever claim plagiarism, we will request that they provide proof via a reputable scan software. We would provide a refund in this case

Issues of Quality

Our Revision Policy allows customers to request revisions. We ask that they provide us with the details of their requests, and we will make those revisions. Customers may also request a different writer for those revisions, and we are happy to honor those requests. We may also offer a partial refund after administrative review. If we should issue a refund, we will also assume that the customer did not submit the piece, and ownership reverts back to us to use a we wish.