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Student papers involve research – finding resources, taking notes, and then synthesizing those notes to write a piece based upon a thesis statement and supporting information or data. A literature review involves research too, but the writeup is quite different from an academic paper. The point of this task is to locate those research studies relating directly to a topic selected for some additional research. This can be an arduous and time-consuming task, and that is why so many students come to our literature review writing service for help.

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The Literature Review Process

First of all, understand that any survey can exist as a standalone assignment for a course or as a section/chapter of a larger work, such as a thesis or dissertation. In either case, the process is the same for our writing service.

Illness and Disease Management
Number of pages: 4
Urgency: 3 days
Subject Area: Healthcare&Medicine
Style: APA
Number of sources: 5

The interview I conducted in my week two assignment was based on the issues that surround the treatment, prevention and caring for patients with chronic diseases with a focus on cancer. Chronic diseases are regarded to have long lasting effects with the term “chronic” used to imply that the course of the disease lasts for more than three months e.g. cancer, asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes etc. The participant in this interview was my high school physics teacher who is currently suffering from cancer that was apparently caused by his alcohol and cigarettes addiction.

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Topic Selection

All literature reviews are based upon a single topic – usually for research purposes. A scholarly topic may be assigned by an instructor, but most often it is selected by the student who is preparing a research proposal or a chapter of a capstone project.

Identifying the Object to be Reviewed

This is best done by accessing databases of research works. Using relevant to the topic keywords, students then receive a large amount of literature for analysis. From here, it is a good idea to narrow the search by entering other more specific keywords. This can reduce the amount of materials to scan through.

You can also search for existing reviews on the same topic. Just be certain they are current.

Analyze the Selected Literature

Start by reading the abstracts of the research works you have chosen. If they look relevant, then move on to the introduction and conclusion. These should give you more specific detail. Here, you’ll make your final selections.

You will also want to group the selections into some categorical organization (topics, subtopics, chronology)

Take Notes

As you take your notes, preparing to write a literature review, be certain to include key statistics you will want to use, quotes you find may be useful, and, just like with any other student papers, make certain to cite the reference right there. You may take a lot of quotes from your note-taking, but you should pare them down to a minimum when you get to the writeup.

You also need to analyze as you go through each literature piece. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study? What does each piece emphasize related to your topic? How valid was the methodology and what limitations were identified in the conclusion?

You must also look at the big picture you see emerging from several studies. Are there trends or patterns? These may be important as you synthesize the literature you lan to use in your review.

You should also look at relationships among the studies.

Remember, too, that you must focus on your topic. Do not take notes or include information or data that does not directly relate.

The Writeup

There is a general structure to this papers, no matter what they are written for.  You can pay for the literature review for any of your wishes.

The introduction includes identification of the problem area being explored. You should also include statements regarding the importance of the problem area to your academic field.

Provide an overview of the literature and the categories which you will be covering as the research progresses. These categories will be sub-topics and should include the synthesis of the literature relevant to each sub-topic.

The conclusion might differ depending on the purpose of the review. If it is a standalone piece, your conclusion should show how the literature supports your opening statements. If it is for a thesis or dissertation, then your conclusion of this chapter should summarize how the literature relates to the research question and study that is to follow.

It’s a Tall Order

That reviews are not simple pieces. And what’s more, they take a huge amount of time. If you have to produce one and have any concerns about it, then you should come to the literature review writing service of WOW Grade.

We can offer you a Ph.D. in your field who will work closely with you and craft a custom review based on your instructions. Just place an order, provide the details, and we are on it immediately.

Our PH.D.’s are scholars who are up on all of the most current and relevant literature in their fields. They can zero in on the perfect sources for your problem area and create a stunning piece that will include all of the processed literature.

The most common requests we get relate to our thesis and dissertation literature review writing service, although our writers produce standalone reviews too.

Our Guarantees If You Want To Pay for Literature Review

When we produce a literature review for a client, we produce only the highest quality, prepared by a writer who is fully qualified in the topic field. We also guarantee the following:

  1. Even though we are on an online writing service, we focus on lots of communication with our clients. We set up direct communication between a customer and his writer, so that the final product is exactly what they want.

  2. We guarantee no plagiarism, and we verify that by scanning every piece of writing before sending it off to a customer.

  3. We guarantee complete confidentiality – encrypting all personal information and never sharing it with a third party.

  4. We guarantee satisfaction. If you are not thrilled with your final draft, let your writer know. He will continue to revise it until you are satisfied, at no extra charge.

  5. We guarantee that your literature review will never be seen by another person. Once it is delivered to you, it becomes your property, and we delete it from our system.

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We believe we are the best writing service on the planet. We offer every type of academic research and writing a student might need. Even if you want to pay someone to write a literature review for you.

Place your order and buy your literature review online today, and we will show you why we are the top choice of every customer who experiences our products and services. They return again and again, and so will you.

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