Apple Inc. Forecasting

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Apple Inc. is a global company that mainly markets and designs consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The firm is best known for hardware products that include the iPod, the iPad, the iPhone, and the Macintosh line of computers. The software that the organization produces includes iWork suite productivity software, Mac OS X operating system, Final Cut Studio, and iTunes media browser. Recently, the company has been thinking out of the box and has several ventures it needs to invest in such as solar energy, live streaming, and electric vehicles. The apple company is looking forward to venture in electric automobiles with autonomous driving by 2020. The partnership will include companies such LG, Toshiba, Tesla Motors, and Samsung Electronics. However, the paper discusses the business venture in solar energy as the project has already started in some areas such as California and Nevada.

For a long time, Apple Company has been producing solar power from several solar farms around the world ("Environment - Climate Change", 2016). The company has been using the energy generated from the farms to offset the power used the company’s distribution and manufacturing facilities. However, the solar plants are not able to provide enough energy to support all the firm’s global through solar power operations but the solar energy generated by the Nevada, and California headquarters to warrant a new venture ("Apple creates a new company to sell solar energy", 2016). Importantly, the company provides enough solar power to produce almost 93 percent to support its global needs. In 2015, Greenpeace named the Apple company world’s greenest technology company for its policies and efforts to sustainable practices. Majorly, it might be the primary reason why the company is taking a step further in the solar energy business. Importantly, the plants in Nevada and California have declared that thy can produce up to 217.9 megawatts.

The five possibilities of Apple Inc. joining the solar energy business include a 100 percent renewable and clean energy. If Apple entirely, commits itself the energy company it will be able to produce 100 percent clean energy for use in its manufacturing and assembly facilities and excess to be sold to consumers. Further, the company will be energy dependent. The company will be able to produce energy to use in it assembly and manufacturing plants hence reducing the cost of production. (Ard, 2016) Similarly, the company’s ranking by the Greenpeace report will improve boosting its global domination as a green energy company. Fourthly, the product of green energy will increase the firm’s profits, as the company will sell the excess power. Consequently, the company will save much because it will cut the cost of purchasing power.

The measure rating includes timing, action potential, impact and probability (Ramo and Sugar, 2009). Probability means the likelihood of the event occurring. The evaluation possibilities, the score, would be eight, nine, seven, and six respectively. The score for the second option would have six, eight, eight, and seven. Further, the ratings for the third options would be timing 7, action potential six, impact eight, and probability six. The fourth option would have the following rating timing seven, action potential six, result seven, and probability eight. The score for the fifth option would be eight for timing, action potential will have six, seven for impact, and nine for probability.

It is highly likely that Apple will embark on the green energy project because the organization has benefited a lot from the projects. Timing, on the other hand, means when the project might occur. Importantly, the company plans to be able to sell solar energy by 2017. Importantly, the company plans by 2020 it will not be outsourcing power it will consuming power that is generated by the solar plants that the firm has built and the upcoming ones ("Apple creates a new company to sell solar energy", 2016). Impact means if the possibility occurs how it will affect the company’s particular interests. If the Apple by 2017 can sell solar power to consumers, it will substantially boost its profit as income generated by solar energy, as the cost of production is minimal. Further, once the solar panels are installed in a plant, they will last more than ten years before they can be replaced.

Under few circumstances, has the solar energy prediction gone wrong. However, this is not to say that the future is set or someone knows what might happen. If the prediction goes wrong, it translates to a substantial loss in investment. Considering the amount of money that Apple is thinking to invest in the solar energy and the money, the company has already invested in some of its plants if the prediction. Further, if the predictions go wrong the cost of production will go higher because the company will have to outsource energy from other company hence pushing higher the cost of production. Energy is one of the most important aspects of production (Ard, 2016). If energy is expensive to procure them the price of the organization’s product will go up. This is because the cost will be transferred to the consumer or customer ("Environment - Climate Change", 2016).

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