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The moral argument against the decision to pay someone to do your assignment is that the practice encourages laziness among students. Critics of commercial writing services raise concerns about the potential of an unprepared workforce. Like in many walks of life, people entering the workforce need writing skills. The education system recognizes this and prepares students accordingly through writing assignments.

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However, it is important to face reality – the rise in demand to pay for essay services and the proliferation of online agencies offering them. An article in the HuffPost by Nancy Laws, The Shocking Truth About Essay Writing Services, offers insights into some of the crucial developments in this online writing industry.

Why Get Someone to do Your Assignment?

Majority of learners definitely do not want to burn the midnight oil over an assignment. Not with writing services agencies providing all manner of assistance. As a learner, you can easily place an order and hire a writer to do the assignment. Some writing agencies market themselves based on the capacity to complete your paper by making the information needed readily available. They have professional writers who are well trained and compensated to:

  • Generate ideas
  • Conduct peer-reviewed research
  • Complete quality and unique academic content
  • Develop designated drafts to complete the paperwork

For many years, the industry has been witnessing steady growth. The interesting aspect is that not only by students with below average capacity pay for writing but all types of learners. From the lazy ones seeking an easier way out of a stickier situation to the bright young ones who simply cannot find the time to do their homework, and its number keeps rising. Whether it is those students in prestigious universities in the US and UK such as Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, and others, or those admitted to secondary schools, the majority cannot afford to fail even if they are not ready to put in the effort. When faced with the prospect of failing you can avoid you think: if I can pay someone to do my paper, I will definitely choose this option.

Whatever the argument for or against those who pay writers, it does not obliterate the fact that the practice is here to stay. Professors have tendencies to impose challenges on learners who are hoping to graduate from these institutions of higher learning. The outcome is the reliance on unorthodox ways by students to deal with such challenges.

Sometimes, the assignment question is too complex to understand. The ESL students have an even difficult time; it is almost impossible to produce degree-level paperwork. The emphasis on quality and originality may eventually drive you as a student to pay someone to do your assignments.

The insistence of professors on quality works with no plagiarism drives most learners into relying on academic paper services to meet the requirements and beat the deadlines. In addition, academic writing is gaining prominence in the educational systems, an aspect that has a significant influence on the growth of the custom writing industry.

You may definitely not gain much if you pay someone to do your accounting homework because even reading through it may not be sufficient to gain an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles. However, you may be thinking, what is the harm in paying a few dollars to have quality student papers?

Most professors disapprove of the practice and equate it to plagiarism, but professional writers cannot be faulted for being of assistance to students in the assignment of subjects they usually struggle with including projects in business, English language, and management courses.

The practice of learners placing an assignment order for a custom-written paper points to the serious problems underlying the educational systems. Until such issues remain unresolved, professional academic writing services would be the getaway option for most students.

Trust in Academic Content Writing Services?

Most writing companies use sweet marketing language to attract the attention of their potential clients. Most promise an A-grade paper with a host of guarantees. But can you really trust their word? Sometimes you are left with no option if you are to pay to hire a writer to do assignment whose deadline is only hours away.

Some critics of custom writing services argue that the agencies lie right from the onset by breaking the plagiarism rule when they take up orders for papers. I want a good grade and I have no other option but to source writing services, how do I avoid being scammed when I pay someone to do my assignment?

A genuine academic writing agency is rare to find. There are reputable agencies out there, but 60% of them are scammers specializing in supplying content that is of poor quality, plagiarized, and duplicate. You need to be aware of the reputation of the agency before you pay a writer to do your assignment. You cannot afford to pay for a poor paper which will give a poor grade.

There are a few guidelines on how to find genuine writers.

The A-T-E-K Principle

The A-T-E-K principle is helpful in understanding the qualities of genuine academic writers. Try to find a writer who is affordable, trustworthy, experienced, and knowledgeable. These qualities are a demonstration that the writer has the capacity to provide quality work on time. Scammers usually lack two or more of these qualities, making them easy to identify.

Pay After Results

If you get someone to do your assignment and they start asking about your credit card information and personal details before delivering the job, you should definitely cancel the assignment order. Genuine writers do not ask about the clients’ details and only request payment after delivery of the assignment.

Only scammers start asking you to pay before submitting your academic paper. They can easily be identified only through negative feedback on discussion and academic hiring platforms.

Seek Third-Party Expert Opinion

This is a crucial step to address the morality issue about contacting of professional academic assignment writing services. Whether you believe the service is cheating or that such companies can help learners avoid cheating, you cannot undermine the fact that academic papers need the input of an expert and a genuine third party.

You can complete your assignment but pay someone to ensure it meets the required quality and formatting standards.

In conclusion, gaining writing skills is important because they are part of the communication skills sought after by employers. However, the educational systems are thronged by challenges which are incapacitating to most students. Genuine academic assignment writing agencies can prove useful if you want to get someone to do your assignment.

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