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Two Large Categories of Essays When you Ask Us "Do my Essay, please":


The first type of essay paper is often called a homework essay. Usually, it is a more basic piece of writing which does not involve research and data.

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These essay assignments come in several varieties – expository, narrative, compare/contrast, persuasive, definition, analysis, or argumentative. They tend to be 5-8 paragraphs long, with an introduction, a thesis statement, paragraphs supporting that thesis, and a conclusion. They are most assigned in English composition classes but can also appear in other courses as well. Other assignments are lab reports for chemistry, math, statistics, economics subjects and students frequently pay someone to do my homework.

Middle East
Number of pages: 6
Urgency: 10 days
Subject Area: History
Style: APA
Number of sources: 2

A state is defined as a geographical area, independent, comprising of a population of people under the governorship of certain stipulated laws. Scholars see a state as a sovereign area which lies within imaginary borders (Introduction & Origins of the Middle East).

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Briefly described, the main types of essays are as follows:

  • Expository: This type of essay is used to explain or describe something, someone, etc. For example, you might explain how the three branches or the U.S. government work or the causes of The Great Depression.
  • Compare/Contrast: Here, you will explain how two things are alike or how they differ. You might be asked to contrast how the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government differ in their powers.
  • Persuasive: You feel very strongly that the Electoral College should be abolished and that the President of the U.S. should be elected by popular vote. Your essay would attempt to persuade others to think as you do.
  • Definition: Usually this essay assignment will require you to define some abstract concept – love, democracy, justice, friendship, etc. Remember when you have thought, “I have no motivation to do my essay?” or, “I need someone to do essay for me?” This may be one of those times.
  • Analysis: This can be a tough essay assignment. You will be asked to pick something apart, think about it, and come to some conclusion. These essays are assigned , in a literature course – perhaps a character analysis. Again, if you are not keen on delving deep into a character, you may think, “Can anybody do an essay for me?” Our answer is always “Yes.”
  • Argumentative: This essay differs from the persuasive one. You may have a definite opinion on an issue. You will back up your opinion with facts, but you must also address the opposing point of view and attempt to discredit it. It will require some factual data (uggh – research), so you may want someone to do your essay for you. We can do that.
  • Narrative: This essay may be the most enjoyable of them all, because you get to tell a story, and you can be far more informal. Still, your grammar and punctuation solid, so if you don’t feel that skilled and want someone to “do my essay online,” we have you covered.

Essays require time and thought. And they require skilled writing. If you have any issues with formal writing, just contact us and say, “Do my essay for me online.” We will provide you with the perfect writer for the task.

The Research Essay Paper

This essay paper is a more complex piece of writing. The topic is always more sophisticated than that of a basic essay, and research will be required. For purposes of structure, there is not a lot of difference. It begins with an introduction and a thesis statement. Then, the thesis is backed up by the information and data gathered from research.

And remember how you caught yourself thinking: "I have no motivation to do my essay".

The issue for students with research is usually the amount of time it takes to complete them, and they are often assigned in almost every course. There are many more steps involved in producing them, and synthesizing the research into sub-topics for presentation can be challenging. And all of this is before anything is actually written.

For these reasons, the most common communication we get from students is, “I will pay someone to do my essay paper.” And we can do this.

What WOWGrade Help Looks Like

We are a full-service online writing company that will do essay cheap, papers, critiques, presentations, lab reports, case studies, STEM projects and assignments, theses, dissertations, and much more.

Because we have been in business for a while, we have accumulated a team of professional academic writers with degrees in all fields. We can offer academic help on any topic, in any course of study.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You place your detailed order for an essay paper.
  2. We analyze your order and assign the most suitable researcher/writer to the project
  3. You get a personal account dashboard which you use to speak directly to your writer. You also use this account to receive drafts for approval, and to give final approval of the piece or requires any revisions you want. (they are done quickly).
  4. Once you give final approval of your piece, you simply download it to your own device. That’s it – done and done.

Other Important Features of our “Do My Essay For Me Online” Service

We want all of our customers to know that we have strict policies about how we do business, and those policies come with guarantees.

  1. We guarantee plagiarism-free writing and authentic research. We check all of this before you get your final draft.
  2. We guarantee your confidentiality. You are assigned an ID number and even your writer only knows you by that number. Your personal info is encrypted and never, ever shared with a third-party.
  3. We guarantee your satisfaction. We will revise a piece and keep on revising it until you tell us to stop.
  4. We maintain a 24-hour customer support department, manned by our own employees, not some answering service, as other writing companies use. You will get all questions answered and all issues resolved quickly.
  5. Payment methods are fully secure. We use an SSL-certified payment processor just like all major online retailers do. We don’t collect or keep your financial information.
  6. Any piece of essay writing we do for you becomes your property. Once delivered, we wipe it from our system.

Looking to “Pay Someone to Do My Essay Via Online?” We are Always Here

When you need someone to do your essay paper or any other type of academic assignment, we are your answer. Your education is too important to risk using unprofessional writing services; it is too important to let assignments “hang out there” and risk poor grades.

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