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As much as we liked every participant's essay we would like to thank everyone. Although everyone did amazing, we had to choose one winner, as it's the best essay of them all. But don't you give up if you're not the winner, keep trying and you will become the designated winner. Here or anywhere else. We wish all of you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, you will be great!

Here is the winning essay:

How Would You Describe Yourself as a Leader

Some small yet important events in life can change the views and values an individual holds. Such life-changing experiences and events happen rarely in life but once they happen, leave a permanent footprint in the person’s mind. I would like to share one such event that changed my life views and values entirely. In my school life, I used to play good tennis. I secured plenty of victories and got attention from different people and students in the school. I eventually became popular as a good tennis player and an excellent coach of the same. This opportunity of playing the role of the coach of tennis provided me with possibilities to make my dream about forming an invincible tennis team. I always cherish a dream of creating a team of my own in any discipline, which I can develop by myself and lead from the front. Maybe my instinct has few leadership senses, which has an influence on my dream. My dream came true with the school tennis team. I made this team out of selected players from the school. I trained them to play perfect and high-level tennis. My knowledge of tennis was vast because I used to read numerous books on the rules and techniques of tennis, watch plenty of tennis matches both live and telecasted. This huge knowledge and skills helped me become a good coach of tennis. My team won an interschool competition. I was selected as the top player on the team. It boosted my self-esteem and confidence up to a sky-touching level. Now I can confide in myself as a great athlete. I can keep my breath to upkeep the confidence of victory.

During my course of development of a winning combination of the school tennis team, I faced numerous challenges and obstacles including arrogance from stubborn team members, controlling hot blooded boys, preparing a well-trained team, running all training programs efficiently and effectively, coordinating among players, and keeping myself on streamline as a player. During the early stage of team development, I often became frustrated as my team was failing to play as a unit. To mention specifically, I have been suffering from coordination problems and spending a hard time keeping players motivated. Finally, I got myself around a winning team. The success in the tennis team helped me rebuild my confidence and strength and kept me motivated for a long time of my graduation. Now I would like to start playing and coaching the tennis team in my college life also. This experience of leadership might be helpful in my future life. I can now easily take over the position of the leader of any team or group and employ my best to yield the best output. Thus, the position of coach and leader of the tennis team at school changed my life as a leader.

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