How to Write a Twenty-Page Research Paper in One Night

Writing a twenty-page paper in one night is not a walk in the park. However, there are some instances out there where students in college have had to write a twenty-page paper in one night. Whichever way you care to cut it through, coming up with such a paper is not easy, and while it might be difficult, it is manageable if total focus and efficient organization are put in the process. So, just for clarity purposes, is it possible to write a twenty-page paper in one night? While writing on your own is not an option, there are services like ours, where you can pay someone to write my research paper.

No matter how advanced a writer you may be, it is worth noting that a twenty page paper in twelve hours is not something you can look down upon. Undergraduate, as well as Postgraduate students, have had to work around such situations, and if you are among them, or just someone looking for a resource that will guide you, then you are just about to learn how to write a twenty-page paper in one night. If it is still unmanageable, you can consult our online service at to help you come up with a quality paper.

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Select a Topic for Your Research Paper

Since you have to write a twenty-page research paper in one night, then it is just essential that you organize yourself well and start working on your paper right away. Towards that end, therefore, begin by ensuring you have a topic for your paper. Some course instructors give much latitude when it comes to topic selection, and if you are among their students, then you might want to choose a topic that touches on the course. Moreover, ensure that the topic you select is one that you understand comprehensively and one that will allow you to write a long paper in one night or day.

If the course instructor or professor has provided a topic for the paper, then it is essential that you invest your time in breaking down and understanding the topic. Remember that this is a twenty-page paper, and you will work on it best if you clearly understand the expectations. This can only be achieved by understanding in detail the topic of the paper.

Break Down the Topic Into Subtopics

Once you have come up with your topic, make a point of breaking it down into smaller sections that will form the body of your paper. Since we are talking about twenty pages here, coming up with 8 to 10 subheadings for your paper will work fine. Dealing with individual subtopics is much easier, and it will allow you to cover the paper in an efficient way than coming up with one large body of text.

Do Some Research

Many papers require you to do some initial research on where you will base your arguments and ideas. Since there is the limitation of time in this scenario, the subtopics that you have come up will be very instrumental in writing your paper and the extent of the research you will conduct.

Research about the main topic of your paper, and delve into the subtopics that you have come up with. Write the key points and ideas on some other paperwork, and you can group these points according to the subtopics of your paper. This approach will help to disintegrate the work and make it easier for you as you write your paper.

Arrange Your Sections Logically

After doing your research, you will get insights into how the paper should be. Since all papers need to have a logical flow of ideas and content, make a point of rearranging your subtopics to ensure that they show a flow of ideas and thoughts. You might not want to concentrate much on this based on the timeframe, but it will help you with the overall writing process.

Introductory Part

In many cases, the length of the introduction depends on the length of the paper. Ensure that your introduction reflects the length of your paper. If you are a student, ensure your paper's introduction gives the instructor a brief of what your paper is about, and a thesis statement will help them to know what your paper centers on.  However, under any situation, do not compromise the quality of your paper in the name of completing the twenty pages. Make an effort of writing concisely and adequately.

The Subtopics

The subtopics of your paper will make up the body of your paper. In this regard, therefore, you need to ensure that your points and ideas reflect the subtopic you are writing about and that they are in tandem with the main topic of your paper.

Treat these subtopics as small essays, and follow the format you would use when writing an essay. Give an introduction and conclusion, and work on the body comprehensively. Here is where the research you did comes in. Ensure that it reflects in these subtopics all through your paper.

Make References as You Write

The extent of references that will be in a twenty-page paper is vast. Therefore, while you write, ensure that you include in-text citations in instances where you quote other sources. Further, create a reference list on the go. Do not procrastinate referencing to a later time. At that moment, you might be exhausted, and this might compromise your ability to come up with proper references. Working on your references as you write is the best way to write a research paper in one night.

Polish Your Work

After completing your draft, go through your work and review it. Since tiredness will be slowly creeping in at this moment, ensure that you make maximum use of energies left and channel them to the polishing process. Review and edit your work for mistakes and errors in spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Format your work according to the instructions of the professor, and ensure that the font, font size, spacing, and referencing style meet the expectations. If these have not been provided, make a point of formatting your work appropriately so that it can appeal to the eyes of the instructor.

To wrap it all up, while coming up with a twenty-page paper within one night might seem intensive, it is entirely manageable if you plan your approach. When you plan and organize the manner that you'll work around the paper, it will be manageable and easier for you. All in all, our writers are used to such demanding papers, and they can as well come up with a paper for you.

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