How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Before you can enjoy our service and buy cheap essay online, you first need to know how to write a critical analysis essay and what exactly it is. It is an essay which is a critique and evaluation of somebody's work such as a movie, a book, an essay, art among others with the aim of increasing the readers’ understanding. A critique determines how effective the item under analysis is and makes a point or argument regarding the item. It may also explore other qualities of the item. First, to do an analysis essay, you need critical reading and critical writing skills. Below is a step by step process to write it.

Step By Step Process to Writing a Critical Analysis

Critical Reading to Start a Critical Analysis

The first step to writing a critical analysis essay is critical reading. The reading makes you well acquitted with the material you intend to critique. If it is a movie or song, watch or listen to it respectively.  You must arm yourself with the necessary tools to do critical reading such as a notebook, stickers and a pencil or pen to make notes as you read. There are several tasks that you must perform as you critically read the text.

  • Identify the primary themes and the author’s thesis
  • Identify any appeals the author used
  • You may consult a dictionary or encyclopedia for any words you find unfamiliar
  • Evaluate the author’s success in passing across his/her message.

Write an Outline for the Critical Analysis Paper

Second, make an outline providing the description of what you have read and how you are going to present your critical analysis paper. To write your outline, you must take into consideration that format of how you intend to present your analysis. It is necessary to note that essays of this nature usually comprises of three parts. These are the introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs and concluding paragraph. Take advantage of this standard structure and craft an outline for the essay.

Write the Critical Analysis

At this stage, in order to do your critical analysis paper review paying attention to the three parts the essay must have; the introduction, the body and the conclusion since they require adequate attention.

Introduction: To start a critical analysis you need an introductory clause or a hook that captures the attention of the readers, engages them and makes them proceed to read the entire analysis. Ensure your introduction defines the author’s thesis, as well as, outline the primary ideas from the text under analysis. Finish your introduction by stating your own thesis, which gradually leads the readers into the discussion you intend to engage them.  

Body Paragraphs: You can write two or more body paragraphs and each paragraph should deal with a single idea. In these paragraphs, you should address the questions you raised in your thesis. Each paragraph should start with an introductory clause providing an answer to a different question. The answers should be followed by an argument supporting your ideas and examples providing evidence. Quotes are also important.

It is necessary to organize the body to ensure one paragraph provides a clear description of the analyzed text as well as provide a summary of the text. Evaluation and the interpretation of the work may be done on one or several paragraphs. This is because evaluation covers several issues

  • The author’s organization of the work,
  • Style of authorship,
  • The effectiveness of the text,
  • Authors handling of the topic and conveying of the message
  • Discussion of the appeal used

Write the Conclusion: Your conclusion must restate your point of perception. It should rhyme with your introduction, but not repeat it. Make a final strong case for your argument based on your earlier explanations.

Proofread and Polish Your Critical Analysis

Take a rest from your writing, for instance, a day or more, and once your mind is refreshed read through the essay several times to identify and fix mistakes. Be keen to minor details. You may also ask another person to read through the text. Polish to revise all mistakes and ensure your work is perfect


With the above steps, you should be in a position to create an unbeatable critical review. Always ensure you have adequate time for the critical reading of the text you intend to review. During the writing process be sure to use smooth transitions and lead-ins to ensure the essay acts as a single unit. In addition to sticking to the format, do not ignore proofreading your paper.

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