How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

The conclusion of your research paper is a significant section, and like other sections, you have to ensure that you come up with a concise conclusion that gives an aggregation and summary of what you have covered in your research paper. Unlike the introduction which familiarizes the reader about the contents of your research paper, your conclusion serves the purpose of summarizing that content and giving a brief overview of your work. This article is going to guide you on how to write a conclusion for a research paper, which is among the fundamental concepts of academic writing.

Your conclusion should not entirely be a restatement of your thesis statement or research problem but should seek to inform your reader about your baseline or bottom line as far as your paper is concerned.

More often than not, professors and course instructors tend to give a keen eye to the conclusion, so that they can get to know the significance of your broader study. In this regard, therefore, it is essential that you invest your time and effort in order to know how to write a conclusion paragraph for a research paper.

Emphasize On Your Topic and Thesis Statement

Give a brief and concise explanation of the topic of your research paper, and explain the importance of the topic and your study in general. Since you have given cases and explanations for and against your topic or research in the paper, your conclusion should only provide a brief emphasis on the topic concisely and coherently.

Your thesis statement serves as an introduction or an overview of your paper, and it is what informs the reader about what to expect in your essay. Therefore, while coming up with your conclusion, make a point of ensuring that you elaborate in brief the suppositions of your thesis statement. Do not overdo it, since your conclusion is not part of your arguments.

Make A Summary of the Key Points

A conclusion, in most cases, gives an overview and a summary of the entire paper. While you are coming up with your conclusion, make sure that you summarize the key points that you have discussed in your psychology research paper. This will beef your conclusion, which in the end, will work out to your advantage.

Show The Significance of Your Study

When you write your research paper in college on a particular topic, the chances are high that other students who have written or are writing research papers on that problem. Therefore, it is highly essential that you highlight how your study advances previous research on the topic or field. This way, your reader will develop an interest in that field on a broader level, and your study could be considered as an addition to other research that has been done on that topic or area in general.

Explain and Address Gaps in Previous Research

The conclusion is the best part where you can give brief insights into gaps that feature in previous research done on a topic. Inherently, among the key objectives of research is to advance previous work or study that has been done by other individuals. In some cases, previous research contains gaps which have been left out by the researchers, and you can use your conclusion to explain them and address them as well.

While coming up with your conclusion, you can give a brief explanation of how your research addressed gaps that previously existed in research done on the topic. Ensure that your entire research paper is original and that there is no plagiarism in your work.

Elaborate The Significance of Your Findings

Ensure that you delve into the importance of your findings and use your conclusion to illustrate how your research is valuable to previous research that has been done, and how your results are essential to the studies that have been conducted over time on that particular topic.

Touch On the Deficiencies and Shortcomings

More often than not, every research or study conducted has its deficiencies. It is highly relevant to give a concise outline of the deficiencies or shortcomings that emerged when you were doing your research, and your conclusion might be the best avenue to do this.

This will help other researchers to make improvements to the techniques or methods you used, which will help to advance academic research methods, procedures, and processes.

Give Suggestions

After you have completed writing your scientific research paper, it is also essential to outline a set of suggestions that will help to further research in that topic or will help to refine the methods that other researchers will use when they are researching that topic.

Giving suggestions is also an effective way of expressing your thoughts on what should be done regarding a specific topic or field of study.

While writing your conclusion, ensure that it offers some suggestions on how to advance and refine future studies or research. A good academic writer and even a course instructor knows the importance of giving suggestions, and this is why you should give suggestions as you end your research paper.

Be Brief

Since you have extensively covered your arguments in the body of your research paper, a good concluding paragraph for a research paper is one that is brief and clear as possible and should be straightforward. Avoid repetition by making your conclusion too wordy, and make your conclusion to be informative and coherent as possible. Give a short brief about your findings and the content of your research paper.

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