The Best 105 Capstone Project Ideas in 2019

Depending on the particular course undertaken, the topics for capstone project usually vary. Also, there are various forms of capstone projects as they vary from one school to the other. Students are informed what the tutors expect from them before they start working on their capstone projects. Culminating projects, also known as capstone projects allow students to demonstrate what they have learned during their training years and some minor projects before. It is an all-around project that serves the role of culminating in the educational experience at the end of an academic program or educational year. Such capstone projects are undertaken in middle school, high school and colleges.

With the writing of capstone academic papers, students usually learn how to come up with unique ideas, plan their schedules, communicate with other people and also work in teams. Here are the best 105 Capstone Project Ideas in 2019 based on the level and course of study.

College students capstone projects ideas:


  1. Evidence-based modus operandi
  2. The relationship between shift hours and quality of nursing services
  3. Benefits of point-of-care testing
  4. Protection of patient information
  5. How to motivate nurses
  6. Crisis solving strategies
  7. Use of patient identification software
  8. Important steps in an emergency setting
  9. Modernized diagnostic tests
  10. How to avoid conflict between nurses and doctors
  11. Time is taken to specialize in nursing
  12. Factors affecting specialization
  13. The working relationship between nurses and other healthcare workers


In information technology, one of the greatest benefits is the rapid changes that are taking place. As a student, you can get many ideas for research topics for your capstone project in this field. They include doing research on:

  1. The process, benefits, and essence of data mining. Data mining involves analyzing steps of databases knowledge discovery. It is an interdisciplinary approach providing the learner with the opportunity to explore the various stages and the entire process at large.
  2. Voice and text recognition systems. There are a lot of technological applications that have been used in these systems.
  3. Software testing techniques
  4. Benefits of IT systems in education
  5. How to increase cybersecurity
  6. Handling cyberbullying
  7. Online data protection
  8. Creation of unique sites
  9. Computer Science

Due to the sustained growth potential in the world of computers, a master’s project in this field offers a safe career path. Here are some of the ideas for capstone study for people taking computer master’s degree:

  1. Recovery of lost commercial data
  2. How to create an insurance application
  3. Creation of online learning platforms
  4. Creation of online data analyzing systems
  5. Role of Smartphone interface a management system


  1. Development of real estate
  2. Risk management
  3. Acquisition and mergers
  4. Research focusing on the rapid changes taking place in acquisition and mergers
  5. Security valuation


  1. Effects of accounting on income taxes
  2. Coming up with modern accounting theories
  3. The changing of popular accounting hypotheses
  4. Innovation and accounting
  5. Specific accounting theories and application in firm management
  6. Accounting and the success of a business


  1. Recognition of product and quality gaps in the market
  2. Marketing strategies and their effects on product popularity
  3. Geographical location and buying preferences
  4. Role of e-commerce in the success of a business
  5. Principles of international marketing companies
  6. Mobile marketing conveyance


  1. Need for revision of educational practices
  2. Motivation strategies
  3. Brain-based teaching and its essence
  4. Ways of reducing stress among learners
  5. Management of virtual classrooms
  6. Language and related concerns
  7. Distant learning and its theoretical background
  8. Classroom management and its effects on student behavior


  1. Diversity and its function in the management
  2. Competent management in a company
  3. Globalization and its effects on the operation of a firm
  4. Challenges in international management
  5. E-business integration
  6. Key issues in human resource management in 2019
  7. Conflict solving strategies

Conflicts arise in work settings due to a number of issues such as cultural diversities. Learning how to solve such issues through management strategies implementation is important for the success of a company and may be a good idea for the capstone project.


  1. Popular brands and consumer perception. Consumer perceptions about a given product usually affect its overall performance in the market.
  2. Crisis management principles
  3. The process of competent franchising system creation
  4. Effects of supplier relationships on product selling
  5. Factors affecting business operation in a given country
  6. Development of marketing strategies to suit brand perception
  7. Analysis of business practices in different industries
  8. Recession advertising and its effects
  9. Investments, loans, and financing
  10. Utility bills and product promotion


  1. Importance of solar energy
  2. How to install molars
  3. Robotics and the future
  4. Sterling engine inputs
  5. Mechanism of action of steam engines
  6. Maglev trains construction
  7. Wind energy and the future
  8. Remotely controlled cars
  9. Hovercrafts
  10. Improvements in racing cars


  1. Pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic principles of antibiotics
  2. Precision dosing
  3. Immunosuppressant drugs in transplant patients
  4. Promotion of drug adherence
  5. Antibiotic resistance patterns
  6. Monotherapy and drug resistance
  7. Trends in use  of given drugs
  8. Factors influencing the use of conventional medicine

Examples of ideas for high school students capstone projects

Below are some examples of ideas for capstone projects for high school students.

  1. Homeschooling, its benefits, and disadvantages
  2. Advantages of engaging in extracurricular activities early
  3. Discrimination in school
  4. Bullying and its effects on the performance of a student
  5. Effects of social networks on overall student performances
  6. Use of phones in classrooms
  7. Age limit and cosmetic surgeries
  8. Children protection from adult content and explicit marketing
  9. Effects of drug abuse on families
  10. Benefits of wearing school uniforms
  11. Abortion and the society
  12. HIV and STDs among the youth
  13. Factors contributing to the increase in terrorism
  14. Disciplinary measures in schools

While choosing the capstone project idea some middle-school students are asked to demonstrate the basic skills that they have acquired such as writing and reading. Here are some of the ideas for capstone projects.

  1. Modern applications and their effects on performance
  2. Project-based learning in middle school
  3. Important literacy projects
  4. Basic science procedures
  5. School Meals
  6. Activities for middle school children
  7. How to motivate students
  8. How to improve interactions between students and teachers


The idea behind capstone experiences is to motivate learners to learn problem-solving skills, think critically and also develop social skills. They encourage to learn how to connect their capstone research papers with the real issues in the communities they come from.

Coming up with a great idea of a capstone topic can be difficult. Knowing the particular areas that you are interested in doing capstone research on will help you in coming up with capstone paper ideas. For most of the capstone projects, they are long-term and investigative. The student is expected to use an interdisciplinary approach when putting his capstone idea into life.

After the capstone research, the final document may be written as a publishable scholarly article, a supporting memorandum or a seminar paper. Students must be able to defend their final document either through presenting it to the capstone studies review committee or some other dictated process.

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