Revision Policy

We are committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers. To achieve this, we have definite processes and procedures in place:

  1. We ask for lots of specific detail during the ordering process
  2. We assign writers who are qualified to complete orders
  3. We have in place a method by which customers and their writers can communicate throughout the production process

If all of these work correctly, the customer gets exactly what s/he has ordered.

Revision Requests

There are some instances when customers do request revisions, and we are committed to providing them. Most revisions are free of charge; however, there may be times when revision request will incur additional charges.

Please read this policy carefully, as you are bound by its provisions.

How to Place a Revision Request

  1. A final draft of your ordered product will be placed on your account page, and you will be notified that it is there.
  2. Open the final draft and review it. If all is well, just click “approve” and download it.
  3. If you want some changes, press the “Revision Request” button and detail the changes you want. this message will go directly to your writer. If your writer has any questions about the revisions, s/he will message you back.
  4. You will be notified when the revisions are finished. Access the final draft again, check the revisions and click “approve” if you are satisfied. If you are not yet satisfied, you can provide detail again.

Our goal is your satisfaction. You may request revisions until you are satisfied.

Revision Request Deadlines

Usually, customers request revisions during their first review of a final draft. However, if a customer takes delivery and then discovers a need for revisions, s/he may still request them according to these guidelines:

  1. Customers will have seven (7) days after delivery to make revision requests
  2. Customers whose orders are over 20 pages in length will have fourteen (14) days to make requests.

Conditions for Free Revisions

Here are the conditions under which revisions are free.

  1. A writer may have missed and instruction/specification in your order
  2. You may want the structure changed in some way, for example, the order in which the points have been made
  3. You find grammatical or awkward structural errors and want those fixed (rare)
  4. You would like the introduction or conclusion changed in some way

When Revisions Require Additional Charge

There are times when revisions will require additional payment. These are those conditions:

  1. If your request changes your original order in some way, then your writer will have additional work. S/he must be paid for this. For example, suppose your original order asked for 4 resources and you now realize you need five; or suppose you originally requested 8 pages and now need 10; or you designated the wrong format style. All of these things will come with an additional charge.
  2. If the deadline for revision requests has passed, we will consider your request as a new order and there will be a fee for those changes. 

Customer understands that fee-based revisions cannot be begun until payment has been made.

Avoiding Fee-Based Revisions

The best way to avoid any need for revisions is to review your original order at the time of submission and make certain that it is accurate. The other way is to keep in touch with your writer throughout the process, and especially in the case of lengthy products, review progressive drafts as they are completed.

If there are any parts of this Revision Policy that you do not understand, we urge you to contact customer support for clarification.

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